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That is beautiful! there were soo many parts in this that I wish there was a love button!! You have soo much strength and so much insight! You are a great Mama!! If your kids are encouraging you then you KNOW you've done something right! =)
Love you friend!
you inspire me! <3


Wow! I admire your strength, you are a very special lady. Your words touched my soul! You are all blessed to have each other. I can relate to some of your feelings yet I could never have put it into such beautiful words. Thank you for reminding me how the little things in life are the most precious. Big hugs to you all x

Joy Y.



Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so thankful that this meant something to you, and that you could relate. A smile, warm greetings, a loved one's touch....yes, these are the greatest gifts.

Blessings to you and your family,


Cyndi Lou

I don't have any words to say really. I just wanted to nod my head and send you a hug.

Joy Y.


Thanks, Cyndi.

You and I seem to have had similar crosses to bear at times....and some that look very different. And yet, no matter the cross that we are asked to bear....it truly is carried by the One who bore it all.

Love to you,


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