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Tara H

Definitely will be making these! Thanks for sharing!

Joy Y.

I think you'll really like them, Tara. Enjoy!

Tara H

These were seriously sooooo good!! Thanks again for the recipe! I've never made a crust before with cream cheese...it is so yummy! How many pies did you make out of the one batch? I only got 6 out of mine and was wondering if that was about right?
Again, we loved them!!

Joy Y.



I'm so glad that you enjoyed them! I think I got 10 pies out of a double batch....so, your number sounds just about right. If you can, maybe next time you could double the batch, and stick some in the freezer. Mine never quite made it that far ;} Thanks for your update on how it went...love that!




A dose of healthy and a dose of sweet goodness. And, so pretty too. These do look like a must-try. I think the children would especially enjoy sealing up those edges. -heather

Joy Y.


Oh, you've summed it up so well! Healthy, sweet goodness. Love that! I hope you and your children bake up some sweet memories together making them.

Any labor in these are worth the reward at first bite.




Looks delish! I like your shape. I always use an egg-white wash sprinkled with cane juice crystals, do you think the cream based tastes better? By the way, I put my cane juice crystals in my coffee grinder to make powdered "white" sugar - it's just as fine as store-bought.

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