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I'm so glad you commented on Lindsay's blog, because it led me to your post. :) I have a sometimes rather selfish four year old too, and I think I'm going to have to impliment your idea! It goes right along with something I've been feeling God (and my Dh) prompting me to do. :)

Joy Y.


I am so glad that this post encouraged you with your child as well! That does my heart good and makes me smile, to know that God can use this situation to help another family. He is so, so good!

Thank you for your words to me.




I have to say that I have seen this change...so wonderful what you have done for her. When children are young we so often as Moms excuse selfish behavior because they are children. The reality is that those patterns will carry over into adulthood. If the process of ridding ourselves of unhealthy behaviors begins at a young age it so helps us our entire lives. I am so proud of your(praying and listening) insight and action!!!


My 4 yr old struggles with this too. Lately, I've been asking her to think of ways she can serve or pray for others. She also always asks for me to pray that she would have a kind heart. I'm thankful that the Lord has impressed on her the need to pray for this. It is exciting to see God change these little lives!

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