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thanks for the advise. What time of blender do you use to blend in the kale? Do you have a special heavy duty brand, like the vita-mix, or will a regular blender work?


I do the spinach thing too to cooked dishes ;)


You know, we love greens (especially sprouts). And we love smoothies. We haven't put the two together and I don't know why not. Surprising the kids with a green drink sounds like adding tons of fun all around the kitchen table!

This was a great informational piece on sprouts.


Thanks for the great ideas! You might like my 17+ ways to use kale, all of which work with at least some of the other leafy greens.

You didn't explain why a more alkaline body is healthy. I just learned about this myself: Too much acid in the body increases the risk of osteoporosis. The acid does NOT come from eating acidic foods like lemons; it's from grains, red meat, and I think some dairy products. I just looked for a link to article I read, but it's not online.

Joy Y.


Your welcome! I don't have any fancy blender...it's a ninja from Wal-mart, but any blender would work fine. I do tend to remove the leaves quickly before blending...no "chewy" parts in my smoothies...thank you very much =)So glad you came by.

Meagan...thanks for the words...and it's fun to find other mamas doing the same thing, isn't it?


Hope your family absolutely loves the smoothies. I can't help but beam, when my kids are drinking their way to health! Yummy!


I will definitely check out your post. And, yes, I neglected to add about the benifits of an alkiline body...I have ALOT to say about the subject, so I thought I may give it it's own post sometime in the near future. However, thank you for sharing what you've learned with us! Isn't it peculiar how lemons are one of the most alkiline foods? I would have thought the opposite! Hope to 'hear' from you again!


Emily @ Butter Believer

These are great tips! I've been trying to add spinach into my cooking too, but mostly in stir-fry veggies. I wouldn't have thought to put it in spaghetti sauce or meatloaf!

I'd love for you to come share this post at our new blog carnival, Sunday School! It's up right now if you'd like to come stop by!

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