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I read the same blog The Healthy economist, Thanks to have shown the process of making whey. I might well try it.
The recipe of ginger ale caught my eyes.

Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy

I will definitely have to try this!

Joy Y.

Hi Anne and Temex,

I just tried the ginger ale, and really like it. I left it a couple extra days on the counter to fizz, and then it almost bubbled over onto the counter when I opened it! Suprise! Thanks so much for coming on over, and hope to hear from you both again!



I forgot how much I liked homemade cream cheese - definitely will add this to my grocery list for next week!

Thanks for the tip.


I've been wanting to try this, but the whole thing overwhelms me. Was the yogurt you used pasteurized? Thanks!

Joy Y.

Hello Linda,

I did use pasteurized yogurt, which was fine according to Nourishing Traditions, where I got the "recipe" for making it. I chose to use Stoneyfield Farms brand, but I'm sure homemade yogurt would be fine as well.


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