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Lisa @ Happy in Dole Valley

Beautiful photographs and word pictures, delicious looking ice cream, and a delightful sounding way to spend any morning! Blessings! ~Lisa
(visiting from Kelly's RFW)

Joy Y.

Thanks, Lisa! I do love summer mornings....although, they don't always go as smoothly as I've planned =;)



I don't have an ice cream maker (really want one though!) You're ice cream looks delicious! I have a milk allergy but I think full fat coconut milk would work as well if I follow your method. Thank you!

Joy Y.

Hi Kathryn,

I would think that would work out great! Good idea for all who are avoiding dairy....let us know here in the comments if you will, how it turns out! Enjoy your ice cream....


MommySetFree (Pamela)

Eww...picking up our milk today...and pickin' blueberries next week...I am goign to remember this little trick!


What a great find! I milk a cow every week as a part of a milk share and now I know what I'll be doing next week with the cream. Thanks!!!

Joy Y.


Blueberries would be fabulous! Our blueberries here in IN aren't ready quite yet...have fun picking!


Your milk share sounds like fun----instead of "moon shining", we call it "milk shining"...hee, hee. We don't have to milk ours, but I would enjoy that. Soon, we'll be getting our own jersey, hopefully next summer. Then, we'll have all the cream we could ever need. Thanks for coming by!


Yolanda Breidenbaugh

I just drowned in my own drool.

Joy Y.

Hee, hee Yolanda. My 7 mo. old seems to do the same when we eat this!



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