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Excellent post! It is like Paul said, "I have learned to be content." We, also, have had times of plenty but are now in a time of... well, less than plenty. There are excellent lessons to be learned in hard times, and we are convinced that our children will be better people for it. Thank you for writing this. It is a good reminder, for I still struggle with wish lists and wanting more. It is good to be reminded of how rich we are when we have little earthly wealth. :)


Thanks for sharing -- your experience speaks volumes. (Stopping by from SouleMama). The recession has been hard on our family, and we recently discovered we're welcoming a third child in the beginning of 2012. These have been faith testing moments, and to see your faith at work is an inspiration. Thanks.

Joy Y.


I think this post was for myself as much as it is for anyone else. I need to remind myself how "rich we are when we have little earthly wealth", as you said in your comment. We mamas need each other in these tough times. Thanks for your words to me!



Congratulations on your new blessing coming into your family. Yes, these days are VERY faith testing...but if it was never tested, I guess we couldn't really have a true faith, could we? There is joy to be found if we just ask Christ to open our eyes to it. Our "earthly" eyes make it very difficult to see!

Thanks so much for coming by, and hope to hear from you again!



I am also stopping by from Soulemama, and I appreciate your honesty about what you are going through. My husband and and I went through a very, ehem, awesome trial last year, where we were selling our artwork and watches and a CAR! to pay the mortgage, as we started our own company during this tough financial climate.... and it was the best thing that ever happened to us. But the whole time we were learning to create and love no matter what. And then when there wasn't much left to sell, BAM! money came in. We kept saying as we were walking that our love and gratitude and willingness to be in service to God and life, would get us through, and not only did we make it through, we are more abundant on so many levels. Abundance isn't just money, is it? It's almost like we were planting a garden and we couldn't see anything for the first few months but now the flowers are sprouting up, and God was there all along. Anyway, wishing you the best.

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