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I love this! So so much fun! :)

The Fairy's Apprentice

Great! I'm so grateful you stopped on my blog today! It was a delight to read your story and watch the pictures.
Have a beautiful weekend!
My moment, you've already seen it: http://thefairysapprentice.blogspot.com/2011/07/this-moment-moment-i-want-to-pause_22.html

amy (mamascout)

wow! what an amazing collection - such lucky girls!




Amazing. The girls look like they were having so much fun!

My moment is a catch of Mr. Wiedz's: http://worldofwiedz.blogspot.com/2011/07/this-moment_22.html

Anna Sides

WOW! I love these kinds of photos! The sepia lends authenticity to them. Great moment for sharing :)



Fun pictures, thanks for sharing them :)

Dani G

This is so much fun! Those girls (babes) are beautiful. Glad you shared these moments.



Oh, I love your moment this week! How fun for your family and for us readers!

I appreciate your visit and comment today. Happy weekend to you!

carol anne

Looks like so much fun! I couldn't help but put up more that one photo this week either... lol


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