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Handpicked wild flowers from the ones we love are the best! Have a beautiful weekend Joy.

Minnesota Gramma

Oh Cowboy S, how you make me smile!!


Ah! Be still my heart! Thanks for swinging by my blog. :) My little guy is just over 4 months old and he definitely keeps us hopping.
Have a great weekend!


This is so sweet you have a heartbreaker on your hands


Oh what a beautiful moment! And such a sweet boy :)


Lovely moment! Lucky Mama. Have a wonderful weekend..


Flowers from my own sweet boy are my favorite, favorite, favorite! Best reward ever for being a Mama! Happy weekend!

Sarah M

Oh that is so sweet! What a wonderful 'moment' to remember!
Sarah M
Thanks for visiting, come back anytime.


So sweet! It always melts my heart when my little boys give me flowers they picked for me.

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