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We too do not do grains with our little ones. And once they are old enough we give them sprouted grains as much as possible. Thanks for the link to the handcrafted spoon. Very cool!

Joy Y.

So glad to hear from other mamas, who feed their little ones in the same way. Oh, I do love the spoons I've gotten from there. A usable heirloom! Thanks for your comment Rebekah....


Funky Mommy

Thanks for the tips. I am trying to add more raw foods into our diets.

Finlee and Me

I really like this concept. Baby Spoon should be designed in such a way to feed them properly.

Joy Y.


Finlee and Me,

Thanks for stopping by.....and glad you like what you read. Also, I'll have to keep in mind what you said about the baby spoon. The one he is using in the picture was more of an heirloom quality from a special friend, that he only used a few times. It's so precious to us, we wouldn't want to wear it out.



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