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Cut but it seems like the little one is ready to take off.
Love the pattern on your quilt.


I love when siblings help out with the wee ones. Enjoy the holiday weekend.


Very sweet moment. I love the quilt too!
Have a lovely weekend..


Looks like a great day at the park. Such a touching shot.

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What a great way to spend an afternoon :) Have a good weekend.


lovely moment. lovely quilt. lovely afternoon.

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Anna Sides

Great moments to treasure!



What a lovely moment! Nothing like the love of siblings and some time spent outdoors to make a perfect moment!

Our moment this week is a sibling moment too!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sofia's Ideas

Picnics!!! Its amazing how small the babies look and how big the older ones look when they are together. Its such a sight when my 14 yr old is holding my 2 month old.

Oh, and I love the quilt! Did you make it?


I love picnicking, especially now that we have a little one to share them with! I love your quilt - did you make it?

It's now Wednesday and I'm just now reading everyone's This Moments from the past! It seems that summer activities will be replacing my Friday morning ritual. So, you'll probably have more late visits like this one! Better late than never, right? I like keeping in touch this way.

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