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My daughter was just picking boquets of violets for me this morning - thanks for the ideas!

Joy Y.

Hope you and your daughter can enjoy some of these ideas together...by the way I was checking out your blog, and saw your keeping bees. Keeping Bees by Ashley English just arrived here today and I'm devouring it. Would love to have bees in the near future...maybe next year?

Thanks for comin' on by my blog! Hope to hear from you again.



How fun! I think I'll add violets to our salad. :)

Joy Y.

Oh, yes Rebekah....a beautiful addition to any salad. I'll have more posts on wild edibles coming up as well. Hope you'll enjoy those ideas, too! Thanks for the comment, and blessings on your day.



My thoughts exactly! There are many edibles in your own back yard, even if you don't have a garden.

In fact, I just made a rose petal frittata this morning, and will blog about it for tomorrow!

Phoebe @ GettingFreedom

We love discovering our wild edibles, as well. I have a book from our states conservation agency that shows all of our wild edibles. During the summer months, we refer to it regularly. I love it when one our kids identifies a flower/plant {or native grass in my son's case}. Very rewarding all the way around! :)

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