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Barb @ A Life in Balance

I've been wondering how to incorporate hormone-free butter into my grocery budget, completely forgetting that I could make my own. I'm ordering my local cream today!


I have not made homemade butter in years! Our old cow passed away and I think it's now time to get another one. Your son looks so cute waiting to sample.

Joy Y.


Hope you have fun making your own butter...I don't know how budget friendly it is since I haven't really looked at the cost vs. how much I got yet. However, it is INCREDIBLY healthy and we have to factor that in as well! I do also have a post on my blog as to how to make kefir...that is about 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost in the store. Very budget friendly!

So very glad you came by!


I'm so excited and jealous you're getting a cow. I want a jersey very badly, but probably have to wait til next year. This year it's chickens and goats! So glad you came on over today! Thanks for the comment about my buckaroo...I happen to think so too!




Hello, found you on soulemamas blog. I've made butter with the kids using some clean marbles in a jar and lots and lots and lots of shaking. everyone had to have a go, and we all burned some calories too. It was delicious, and didn't last long.


I'm re-reading the little house books...I just finished the part where Ma makes butter. I mixer sound much easier and faster than a butter churn!

Joy Y.


How fun to do this with the kiddos....learning and doing along with my children is one of my greatest joys in life! I'm glad yours turned out deliciously!


The Little House books are so well worth re-reading. We have gone through the whole series once, and now my eldest at 14 is reading them again for fun. And, yes, the churn would be fun for nostalgic reasons...but the mixer is MUCH more practical for us!

Love Easter to the both of you,


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