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keepcatebusy (Cate)

It is so lovely to take the time sometimes to step back and appreciate the wonder of the moment - rather than just worrying about all the washing she has just created for you!!
Gorgeous moment :-)
have a great weekend


Oh strong will children, I have a few of those in my home. I love watching little ones sleep.


So Sweet!


Aw, sweet! Angelic while sleeping, yes. It always melts my heart to see them asleep. When even a minute before I was annoyed or frustrated. Amazing how their sweet little faces can do that.


So sweet! I think the Lord makes them that sweet and allows us little moments to catch them like that!



hehe four layers,good for her for knowing what she wants.
I too have a strong willed one,two of them actually!!!!!
the best you can do is channel it and nurture it.too many parents think that it is acting out when in reality they are just making their mark in this crazy world,
we are blessed


Angelic for sure....and with super soft skin and hair :-)


All can be forgive when gazing at a sleeping child. Oh yes, we need these moments sometimes to remind us of the gift we have been given to nurture. She is gorgeous.
What a lovely giveaway you have on offer, sadly I'm in Australia but I have a giveaway going too (a choice of books), if you are interested, check it out. Happy weekend to you and hope there is a little less mischef!! Our moment: http://www.embracingitall.com/?p=622


Aww, a cherub and a kitty! I love it! Naps are the best time of the day, aren't they?

this week we visited a place we like to call twilight brook:

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