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Where do you get your bulk vanilla beans? How many do you use for this "recipe"?

Joy Y.

Hi Jen,

Well, let's see. I used approx. 40 vanilla beans to make the vanilla. I ordered off amazon. I think the deal is still going on. Search for Premium-Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans-1/2 pound-54 beans. I got them for $22.29 shipped, I believe. A wonderful deal, considering I have paid $5.oo per bean in the past! With the extra beans, I have just stored them in the fridge, and use them to whip up in my smoothies or homemade yogurt. Yummmm!

Great question!




Great idea - hope you enjoyed the vodka you poured out :)


I would LOVE to try this one day! I just to need wait for a good deal on the vanilla beans.

And wow. I had no idea, it took six months to make vanilla extract. :0)


I've been meaning to try this - thanks for the reminder!

Joy Y.


The septic tank actually got that part--my daughter poured it down the drain--she said it burned her nose hairs to smell it, and I'd have to agree on that one!


In my comment to Jen above, you'll see an amazon deal that I did, that possibly is still going on, so you can get some beans and get your vanilla going too!


You're quite welcome! Too bad the wait is so long, right?

Blessings to you all,


Cyndi Lou

Great post!! Love it! You are so full of great ideas.
Did you know you can add that extra 1/4 cup vodka to some essential oil and put wood skewers in to make your own Reed Diffusers?

Joy Y.


Cyndi Lou,

I had no idea about the reed diffuser thing. Thanks for the tip! Seems I'm not the only one with good ideas ;) So glad you came by....Christmas blessings to you!

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