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My children, who sometimes believe they don't have to eat what is prepared, will always eat if it is in a wrapper and fried. I didn't realize your children are the same age range as mine {only mine are now older}. It really is so much fun with all the ages under one roof! I miss it.

Joy Y.

That's neat that we have children in the same age range...and since yours are older, maybe I can get some adice =) I always appreciate wisdom from those who have traveled this road before me!



Shirley Braden

Very nice! I don't know of any gluten-free egg roll wrappers, or otherwise, I'd be making this recipe immediately! I'll have to make my own I guess. Thanks for the recipe. :-)


Joy Y.

Hey there Shirley,

Thanks for comin' over to the bloggy! No, at this point we aren't doing any gluten-free stuff here. Sorry! But, you can easily adapt this one--if you find or make wrappers as you said. Appreciate your words...



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