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We love sweet potatoes! Making them into fries is just delish.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

This looks fantastic Joy. I just love sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries are a special treat especially when you roast them in a healthy oil! Thanks for sharing at Monday Mania this week!

Joy Y.


I'm glad you enjoy them, too! I can't believe I haven't tried them until this year....but I'm glad I did! Hope to hear from you again!


Thanks for coming by, and your kind comment! Appreciate you putting on Monday Mania every week, and your VERY informational and needed blog!




I've done the same thing with coconut oil - it's delicious!

Joy Y.

We love coconut oil too...Olive oil, coconut oil, and red palm oil are the only oils I use right now. I mostly use coconut oil, being it has some wonderful health benefits. I'm glad you love it, too!

Have a wonderful day,



We love sweet potatoes too....but we have never tried fries. Do you peel the potatoes first? Love your blog and congrat's on the new babe!!!

Joy Y.

Hi Cindy,

Yes, we do peel the sweet potatoes before we roast them. I've got lots of helpers around here for that part! Thanks for the sweet comment, and I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! Hope you enjoy the roasted sweet potatoes with your family!

Happy Day,


carla Sorensen

Going to start eating sweet potatoes . . . I have Arthritis!! :)

Joy Y.

Awesome Carla..I'm so glad it inspired you to try them! You won't regret it...yummmmm!


Guessed you again - haven't missed one week! We haven't made these in a while. Thanks for the inspiration (and the snappy headings!)


So yummy! We love sweet potatoe fries. I often make them with cinnamon and paprika instead of pepper and garlic. Mmmm.

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