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What a fabulous idea - thanks for the tip!

Joy Y.

Thanks for coming by Shyla, I appreciate your comment! Love it when something healthy can be added to our foods so quickly! Hope to "hear" from you again!



Where do you buy the tea? Whole foods? Or more along the lines of a homeopathic pharmacy? Or online? Do you have a brand you recommend? Sounds interesting!

Joy Y.

Hi Suzanne,

My favorite tea with red raspberry in it, that is amazing is the Mama's Red Raspberry Brew from bulkherbstore.com; there is a link to it in the post above. HIGHLY recommend, and is my favorite way to enjoy red raspberry. Also, I have used red raspberry leaves (in capsule form) from Nature's Way. Amazon.com has that at a very good price. Whole Foods may carry this as well, but I haven't looked myself. I'm so glad you came by today, and I hope I could be of help to you!




YUMMY! great tip!

Joy Y.

Thanks Liberty....appreciate your words today!



I love red raspberry tea! I think it helps to decrease cramps.

An important thing to know is that just because it's good for women doesn't mean it's dangerous for men or children! In fact, it's high in Vitamin C.

Joy Y.

Thanks for the tip on the Vit. C, and you're right about the muscle cramping...it decreases muscle spasms. For those interested in reading more of the benefits of red raspberry, here's a link:


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