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Lisa@ The Nourishing Homemaker

My kids are such stinkers (I have 5 too). They won't eat granola! They will, however, drink smoothies. I'll have to give yours a go. I came over from Fight Back Friday :)



That granola looks delicious! I'm always looking for ideas to make breakfast more healthy (and easy to prepare!)

Since it's my first visit to your blog, I just had to add that your daughter is too precious!!

Joy Y.


My kiddos definitely don't always eat what I serve either! That's probably why I am constantly stuffing, hiding, and mixing really healthy stuff into great tasting food! Last week we had liver in our soup and noone knew it, but they sure like it!



I love how we can make big batches of this ahead of time to have on hand for the week. Anything to make our jobs of feeding our families' healthy food a bit easier, right? Thanks for the sweet comment as well!



I really enjoy using quality craftsman products. These spoons are really beautiful, and I would like to use them in my kitchen.


I heart smoothies too! such and easy quick b'fast!

Joy Y.

They are so quick and easy! At least something in my life is...speaking of smoothies, I think I will go make one now!
Thanks for coming by, and hope to 'hear' from you again!


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