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we're known to be the 'home made pizza family' among our friends, but i've never milled my own flour. that's quite impressive!

Joy Y.

Hey there Simona,

Isn't pizza night fun? Milling your own flour takes only minutes, and your guaranteed the freshest, most nutritious flour that way! I highly recommend! I'm so glad you stopped by and commented...thank you!



I love your pizza crust. Have made it twice and both times the pizza turned out so yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Joy Y.



So glad this recipe is working well at your home. We have gotten away from our weekly pizza nights over the summer ~ definitely something now that it's getting to be fall to return to. Thanks for commenting, and hope to see you back =)



Have you used agave nectar in place of honey? Just wondered if it would still turn out?

Joy Y.


Hi Lisa,

That's a good question. I think it would work fine, since they are both liquid sweeteners. Back when I used agave in my tea, it seemed to sweeten about the same as honey, but you may want to use a bit more or less. There are such debates out about agave nectar, that I have chosen to avoid using it for the time being and use honey and maple syrup much more now.

Blessings on your pizza endeavors,


laurie prince

Hi there Joy! i was wondering if you have ever tried freezing this recipe and how that works. I like to try and make a double or triple batch and then freeze a couple balls of dough for next time. It makes the next few pizza nites a little quicker! Almost like "fast" food LOL. I do the same with the pizza sauce I make. Laurie

Joy Y.

Yes! Freezing it will work just fine, Laurie. You are right about double and triple batching. It is so wonderful to have "fast" real food on hand.

Hope you enjoy it!



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