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I appreciate your honesty. I've stopped reading blogs where everything is perfect all of the time. I strive to be authentic & transparent in my own blog, yet sometimes I feel that the things we do & the pictures I post are way cooler than what actually occurred.

I appreciate blogs where the author finds beauty in the brokeness of life.

Joy Y.

I appreciate your comment very much! Here is to more authenticity in our lives, (and our blogs)! I'll have to hop over to yours and check it out! Thanks for coming on over, and hope you do so again....




You and your husband are leadng your family by being positive. That doesn't mean the tough times don't come. Your putting as much energy as needed into the tough times. But better times are coming. Think of that when you can.

Joy Y.

Thank you for the kind words LeAnn...they mean a lot! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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