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Great give away! We are gearing up for the cold/fly season with a batch of Elderberry syrup on the stove.

Fruitful Harvest

I just bought 5 boxes of the oscillococcinum for $.99 a box.
I bought 2 boxes last year
when the H1N1 was going around. If I remember corectly they were about $10.00 a box!

Like one of your other readers we have a batch of elderberry syrup going! And all the herbal teas and enchincia tinture.

I do need the cough syrup!
so I do hope to win.

Peace and Love,


the little one just got over her runny nose. . . but it's always good to stock up!!!thanks for a great giveaway!


Love this! If you can keep the kids healthy, then the adults stand a better chance of surviving cold and flu season unscathed. Thanks!

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