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Big Kefir fans HERE! lots of summer breakfast are raw milk kefir smoothies!!

Joy Y.

Glad you are fans of that tummy-yummy kefir! So good for our growing kiddos, and us parents as well. Thanks for commenting, and hope to hear from you again soon!


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I make kefir and I have been using the same grains for about 1.5 years now. My grains have never multiplied. Do you have any ideas why they haven't?

Joy Y.

I have been musing on your question overnight....
-- Some grains never seem to multiply, yet still work fine. I know dairy kefir grains produce at a rate much, much slower than water kefir grains. You may want to try with a new batch of grains. Also, they can be very picky. Are you using the same milk every time? Is there a healthy version of milk that is a different variety you could try? Some grains are picky that way.
--If you are rinsing them with water, as some do, try not doing that as well. Also, make sure the cream is not "sticking" to your grains so they aren't touching the milk as much and you enlarge there working surface area, so to speak. Also, you could "very gently" tear some of the grains apart with very clean hands,if it is in a clump, that helps with that "surface area" I mentioned and may help them grow. If they are not in a dairy medium all the time, they will slowly die, and not multiply.
Maybe some of these tips will help you. It is nice to know that we can have a never ending supply of kefir from a small amount of grains, isn't it? Good luck!


Great info!! How do you make the frozen kefir smoothie popsicle?

Joy Y.

Hi Jennifer,
How do I make the frozen kefir smoothie popsicle? Very easy. Just take basically any smoothie you make, (there are a few yummy smoothie recipes on my blog in the food and drink or raw and nourishing foods section), pour them into popsicle molds and freeze!
Easy peasy, and a fun, nourishing treat to have on hand! Sometimes kiddos who don't like to drink their smoothies, will gladly eat them like a popsicle!
Thanks for stopping by, and for the question!



I am really excited to try the popsicles! Such a great idea! Thank you!

Joy Y.

You are welcome aspiring earth mama! Isn't it fun to be able to glean from each other...I know I have learned so much from other mama's, and it is encouraging and fun!




Thanks for the info and step-by-step instructions. We've been drinking store-bought kefir for years and I'm finally going to try making it at home! I don't have a source for raw milk so I'm planning to use whole unhomogonized milk from my health food store.

Once we've gotten the hang of it, I'm sure my kids will want to get creative and make smoothies and popsicles! Wish us luck! :-)

Joy Y.



You are quite welcome....I really think you will find it a wonderful addition to your kitchen! And, good luck ;)


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