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Sonya Lynn

Thanks for the recipe, I'll try it. I've tried several different tortilla recipes and they all seem to break when folded, any advice?

Joy Y.

Hi Sonya,

I'm glad you came by! I guess some suggestions for you might be:
-don't fold your tortillas too tight...I've had breakage due to that
-might be too cold...so make sure they are warm when eating them
-make sure they are fresh, or were frozen while still fresh...the older they are the more they are apt to break

I hope these tips have helped you...let me know how they turn out for you!


kara bagley

Thanks for the link, glad you enjoy the muffins!

Joy Y.

No problem, they were a hit with our clan of kiddos....(and mom and dad, too!) I've enjoyed your blog as well.



Sometimes tortillas break because they were overcooked. They need very little cooking time.

Joy Y.

That is so true, Naomi. Thanks for the good tip!


Great recipe!!
I am getting back on the sprouting wagon - but don't have to work quite so hard being gluten free...
did make some GF oatmeal applesauce muffins this week - after soaking oats in kefir. Worked great!

Joy Y.

Thanks for the comment, and the link-up Liberty! I may just have to give those yummy muffins a whirl! We are muffin crazy around this joint, cuz I'm not a whiz with bread. Plus, I try to avoid yeasts as much as possible, and muffins are a great alternative to all the yeasted breads we used to consume more of. Have a wonderful day!


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