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Yum - thanks for the cocoa recipe. Cocoa is one of my favorite things!! My favorite mix to buy is Green and Black's, but it is a once in a while treat, because it is sooo expensive!


Oh, and I just read your reply to my comment a couple days ago - thanks!! I'll have to remember to not try to make excuses for everything the second he walks in the door (which I always do!), it probably just draws attention to the negatives. You are right: a positive attitude is the best. Fortunately, that comes naturally to me. He is out dealing with the public all day, and on the road (he is a fitness equipment technician, servicing all of New England) for hours, so he is pretty "done" when he gets home. I told him about your post, and how I was going to try to make the home more of an oasis, and he said that was good because right now it was more like a black hole!!! He said it with a smile and a wink, and followed it with a hug and kiss, but it is still the truth, and I know it.
Anyway...thanks for your words of encouragement!


Oh, this is my fav cocoa recipe by far...and it is far less expensive than green & black's. Hope you enjoy some soon!

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