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This looks really good. I just started making kefir and draining off the whey, so I am getting a folder of good fermented foods. Glad I found your site.

Joy Y.

Aren't fermented foods awesome? Sooooo incredibly good for us! You know, my friend commented to me today that you could put whey in anything that it wouldn't be noticeable in...kind of like how we hide veggies in everything...and it would add the health benefits even if it isn't a fermented food. I thought that was an excellent idea, and will be implementing that in our home.


I re-read your recipe and noticed that you use 4T whey with an additional 2T. Do you use all 6T's in the salsa, or what would the additional be for? Thanks so much. I would like to make some for my honey to have!


Hi Ceitlyn...please let me apologize for the delayed response to you! I have been camping for a week and had no internet service! As far as your question.....the extra 2 Tbsp. is totally optional, just like the extra 1/4-1/2 cup of fruit. It wouldn't hurt a thing to have the 6 T. in it, even without the fruit. So, add the extra 2 Tbsp. for sure with the fruit, or leave it all out, or just add the 2 Tbsp. more whey, and not the fruit. It's up to you! Maybe you have already enjoyed a quart....I hope it's delicious!

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