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Love the wrap! Wish I was crafty as you when mine were tiny. MN is great. I have lots of family there. Good luck with your move!


I want to try a Moby Wrap whenever our next baby comes, but I didn't like the price tag that came with it. :-) Thanks for sharing this tutorial...I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Joy Y.

Thanks for the compliment! So sweet of you! I agree that MN is a great place....hopefully our move will happen sooner than later! Blessings to you for the new year!


Hope you like the moby with your next little babe! It is a lovely way to snuggle and be hands free at the same time!

God bless,



How wide should the fabric be?

Joy Y.


Hi there Melanie,

I didn't change the width from it's original size at the store. Whatever the standard widths are, is just fine.

Hope this works out well for you and your little one!




When you fold it in half lengthwise are you cutting it so that you have 2, 2 1/2 yard pieces or 2 long narrrow 5 yard pieces?

Joy Y.

Hi Colleen,

When you have your piece laid out in front of you, fold it LENGTHWISE. You will be cutting it into two pieces, that are 5 yards in length.

I hope this helps. It may help you to fold it lengthwise, then iron it to make a crease; open it back up, and you will see where to cut.

Is this for your own baby? If so, I hope you enjoy the snuggle time. I know I did with mine.




Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have been wanting to make my own for my sweet guy number 7. Now I can do so! Thank You! I like mine snuggled close too even though this is the first little snuggler I have had. The others liked their space. Lovin' the snuggles.

Joy Y.



You are so very welcome! Congratulations on number 7 in your family! How old are your other children? Mine have all been snugglers so far....so this wrap comes in handy! The picture above is of my now 2 yr. old son, and I am due with our 6th child in Late Oct./Early November. So glad this was helpful for you.




Is this a one size fits all? I'm a bigger girl and I am wanting to make one of these. Will this work for me as well or do I need to purchase more material?

Joy Y.


Hi Hannah,

Yes, I think this is a one size fits all. The length is QUITE long, as you'll be able to see if you make it. (It's hard to tell in pictures.) Should work quite well for you and your babe. Have you had your baby, or are you still pregnant? Blessings to your family either way!


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