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These are soooo delicious. Everyone in our home LOVES them (even my hubby!) They are just packed with whole food energy! We made cocoa ones (I was out of chocolate to melt and just added cocoa powder to them) and they were great. Make AT LEAST a double recipe - they do go fast.


Yes!!! We have them at least once...sometimes twice every week! Soooo yummy!


these look soo good! I can't wait to try them when I get my glass pan, can I use a 8x8 cake pan lined with wax paper?


I'm not sure you necessarily need to line it with the wax paper...however, it would be easier to pull it out and cut them up that way...let me know how they turn out!



I really want to buy the Nutiva coconut oil, but how do I figure out when amazon has them on sale


Thank you sooooo much for this!! A Facebook contact of mine posted the recipe today and I believe at least three of us have made it. They are TO DIE FOR! Soooo happy to have a raw alternative to Lara Bars. Many of the Lara bars have walnuts and pecans, which don't agree with me, and they are expensive to boot. I've found other granola bar recipes but they often require a lot of sugar and require cooking. This is WONDERFUL. I can't thank you enough!

Joy Y.


Right now, you can get 2 (two) 15 ounce tubs for $11.51 on amazon. That is .38 cents per ounce, and I consider that to be a good deal. If you don't understand how to do subscribe and save, shoot me an e-mail and I'll walk you through it. (That way it will ship free as well.) When amazon does not have that deal going on, look at rawfoodworld.com, tropicaltraditions.com or even mountainroseherbs.com and watch for sales or free shipping days. Then, your best option might be to buy in bulk. Know your target price, and shop around for a minute when running low. It really only takes a short amount of time, and saves you a ton!
Hope that helps..



I am so glad you love this recipe! It is a favorite of ours too, though, I can't take credit for it. You definitely don't need sugar to have an awesome and sweet recipe that everyone in the family can be crazy about. These are "crazy" full of nutrients to boot.

Glad you love 'em!



Thank you! I just ordered some from amazon.

Joy Y.


Glad I could be of help! Let me know how yours turn out!



Oh bless you! I am so excited to find a gluten free, oat free granola bar. I can't wait to make these!

Joy Y.


These have been made more than any other granola bar in this house....I literally crave them! Sooo good!



Ooh, those look very good! I make something similar but roll them into balls. My husband gobbles them up. I bet he'd really like these as well.

Joy Y.

That sounds lovely as well....have a link handy so others could check it out with me as well? Thanks for your comment Rebekah, and I hope your husband does enjoy them.



Joy, I just came across this delicious-sounding recipe. I am sure they will go quickly, but since only my husband and I make up our household, could you please tell me how to store them and how long they last? Thanks so much!

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